Experienced engineers

Our DevOps engineers have huge experience of supporting enterprise companies and managing different clouds.

Cloud support

Clouds can significantly extend your business. We work with the most popular clouds, so you can choose the decision, which corresponds your needs.

Complex solutions

We provide complex solutions for your business — from cloud management and monitoring to automation solution. We also support full software development lifecycle.

Broad variety of services

We offer you the full scope of services, which are needed for modernizing your development process. However, if you need a full-time specialist to help you, we will gladly find a proper person for you.

Cost Optimization

Our specialists are able to analyze current services which your company uses, and distinguish unnecessary ones to reduce costs without installing an additional software.

Modern technologies

We have already mastered a lot of modern technologies, which are crucial for any modern business to succeed. But we are continuously broadening the number of technologies we use.


We can manage any kind of clouds to boost your business

Take advantage of cloud integration to extend your business or startup. Clouds can help you reduce risk level and costs. They also provide you with almost unlimited resources and storage. Choose the best cloud for your business and we will manage it for you.

All Clouds

Clouds support

We work with Amazon Web Services (AWS), Microsoft Azure Cloud, Google Cloud and Hybrid Clouds. All these clouds are modern, reliable and in demand

Cloud Cost Optimization

We offer professional analysis of the cloud services you use in your work, and the following optimization of current systems to reduce cost. There is always something to improve — and we will probably find that ‘something’!


CI/CD give you more power to release faster and stable. Deployment frequency and speed, which are hardly influenced by CI/CD integration, are crucial for any project’s development speed and quality

Docker and Microservices

Thanks to Docker, it’s very easy to develop scalable and manageable applications, built on microservices. Containers help you reduce the resources usage and completely changes the way of developing apps.

TECHNOLOGIES & Tools;Platforms

We use modern technologies for boosting your business!

Our specialists have already mastered a lot of technologies, tools, and frameworks, which can be effectively used for your business development. However, we’re always trying to keep abreast of new technologies and explore them as soon as they appear. Combining traditional approaches with brand-new ones, we create complex solutions for our clients’ needs.

Service Highlights

Clouds accounts managed
Requests processed
Resolved issues
Happy customers

Theme Techs & Specs

Tools & Functionality


Design & Cool Factor


Customization Options


Theme Support


Stunning Design & Countless Options

Fortuna is a diverse WordPress theme suitable for a  wide variety of websites: Corporate, Company, eCommerce, Portfolio, Personal, Blogs. Start our trial today!

Tons of customization options at your finger tips

Fortuna will blow your mind with the virtually unlimited customization options it offers. Hundreds of style presets are available to you for all your menus, portfolio items, post items, carousels, grids etc.

Ease of Content creation and modification

Fortuna ships with plenty of customizable interface elements ready to add to your page at the click of a button via the best Drag’n’Drop plugin — Visual Composer.

What Our Clients Say

Latest from Our Portfolio;Our Lovely Work

Fortuna is Awesome

Stunning Design

Fortuna is a clean design, powerful WordPress Template suitable for a wide variety of websites

Plenty of Features

The best of the best is combined in Fortuna, fine aesthetics, strong functional backbone, a plethora of elements

Bespoke Backend

Fortuna ships with a customized version of Visual Composer that lets you create and manage content with ease

Awesome Support

Fortuna theme is created by BlueOwlCreative Studio and we are proud with our 5-star support

Your ultimate WordPress Theme

Build your website today in a matter of minutes

The best of the best is combined in Fortuna. It features fine aesthetics, strong functional backend, plenty of customizable elements, a vast array of theme customization options and last but not least a 5 star support.

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We craft beautiful sites

You and your clients will love the exceptionally beautiful clean and simple design of Fortuna. Ut elit tellus, luctus nec ullamcorper mattis, pulvinar dapibus leo.

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We build strong backends

Fortuna WordPress Theme is rich in Shortcodes and features that are very intuitive and easy to implement. Ut elit tellus, luctus nec ullamcorper mattis, pulvinar dapibus leo.

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We provide quality support

Fortuna is an extremely feature rich WordPress Template designed for a pleasant user experience. Ut elit tellus, luctus nec ullamcorper mattis, pulvinar dapibus leo.

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